Various pictures of me growing up

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Quite possibly my all-time favorite picture of my Mom (March 1967)
As a newborn with my parents, who seem understandably stunned (March 26, 1967)
He's a marvel! (or so the accidentally placed box behind me would claim) (Christmas 1967)
Dazed by my 1st birthday chocolate cake (February 1968)
One-year formal portrait studio photograph (February 1968)
Me with our dog, Sam (I'm the one on the right, wearing my Dad's hat, looking like I need to go to the bathroom very soon) (May 1969)
Fishing with my cousin Sharon at Lake Norfork, Arkansas (August 1969)
The story goes that our good friend Al Kroeter remarked that he'd never heard of a kid who hadn't been to the emergency room at least once by two years old… And, shortly after he mentioned that, I fell and hit my upper lip on a magazine rack and made my first trip, not even two months shy of my 2nd birthday. Also, I'm told that I was carefully prepared for my Christmas photos, but that no one noticed that I didn't have shoes on until the film was developed (Christmas 1969)
Showing that while I can hold a guitar, I am inept at playing it (something I continue to demonstrate) (February 1970)
Family formal portrait studio photograph (November 1970)
Helping Mom make cookies by hand-sifting flour… with our dog Sam ready to enjoy the mess I was sure to make (December 1970)
Learning to shave takes lots of practice, so I started early (Christmas 1970)
Being a clown with Grandma and Grandpa (my Dad's parents) (Halloween 1971)
Ridin' a train at the St. Louis Zoo (July 1972)
Teach your child to swim at the "Y" - registration is now open! (1972-1973)
My first bike, in front of our house on Saddlespur (Summer 1973)
Displaying my enthusiasm for football at an early age (Christmas 1973)
Learning to water ski with cousin Mike at Lake Norfork (Summer 1974)
Cub Scout for now, Eagle Scout later (Spring 1975)
Piloting a small boat on a pond at "The Property", a place we shared with close friends, the Kroeters (May 1975)
The house on The Property, built by my Dad and Al Kroeter
The Bad News Bears (not pictured: Walter Matthau, Tatum O'Neal) (Summer 1975)
Camping with Rich Kroeter (August 1976)
Soccer: Not my best sport (August-December 1976)
Ready to play tennis (in the street?!) (Summer 1977)
Playing my new handheld football video game with my Dad (Christmas 1977)
Celebrating Kim Kroeter's 4th birthday with Rich (August 1978)
Winning first place in the city-wide Math contest (March 1979)
With Grams and Grandpa (my Mom's parents) at their house on Waterford (Christmas 1979)
My 2nd bike -- note my cool "Styx" belt buckle (but I bought it before Mr. Roboto, so I'm okay) (August 1980)
Celebrating Christmas with the Kroeters (Al, Jean, Rich and Kim) in their finished basement (Christmas 1981)
The rite of passage known as the first job -- specifically, the fast food job: dressed up as an aviator handing out samples of Chick-fil-A nuggets to mall patrons (Fall 1984)

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