After working as a consultant to Caterpillar for almost four years, the company's management graciously offered a few of us the opportunity to do so something very unusual: operate real Caterpillar equipment…

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This is me behind the controls of a wheel loader.
"Anyone need some dirt moved?"
The D11N is the biggest bulldozer that there is…
...big enough for the blade to hold us all.
Not surprisingly, it moves dirt (and anything else in its path) pretty well.
I think I could've knocked over a house with this thing…
…and never even felt it.
I think the world is a little safer with me behind the smaller model.
I bet this could make quick work of any home gardening project, though.
Diggin' holes with an excavator… a lot harder than it looks!
It seems that this wasn't the first time that I was behind the controls of a Caterpillar -- many years ago our neighbor at our weekend getaway let me pose with his D7

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